Short presentation

The Stable of Svenstorp is managed by Leif Jakobsson and Giesela Rönneling. Our goal is to breed healthy, well trained Swedish Warmblood for Show jumping, Three-day event and Dressage.

The photo above to the left shows our horses, in an early summer morning. The photo in the middle shows Sherry with her foal Attilla. Sherry has competed in Three-day event with placing in S class and she had breeding classification AB. On the photo at the right you can see High Zurprise jumping.

You are very welcome to contact us if you are looking for a nice young horse for jumping, dressage or eventing.

E-mail:  Mobil phone: +46 70 767 54 09 Phone:+46 512 41140

Our horses

High Spiritsxx

Thoroughbred. Mare borne 1996.

E. Itsabrahma (GB)xx U. Gaiety (IRE)xx UE. Sadler´s Wells (USA)xx UUE. Secretariatxx(USA)

High Spirits is breed from very famous racehorses. She has competed as a race horse between year 1999 and 2002 she raced 17 times and has won about 100.000 SEK. We bought her in year 2003 for breeding of show jumpers/three-day event horses. High Spiritsxx has breeding classification B. We have had 6 foals of High Spiritsxx, they are all presented below. On the picture you can see High Spirits and her foal High Grace af Svenstorp.


Swedish Warmblood. Gelding borne 1991.

E. Wartung 630 U. Cornelia 1081 UE.Utrillo 432 UUE, Cosmosxx

Castan has competed in show jumping, dressage and eventing with placing up to M class. Giesela has owned Castan since he was 2½ years old. On the picture we are taking a nice canter in the snow


Swedish Warmblood. Mare borne 1999.

E. Donnerfly 951 U. Zinnia 25966 UE. Vivaldi 753 UUE. Unesco 428

We bought Xantippa in year 2005 for dressage competing and for breeding dressage horses. In Mars 2008 the first foal of Xantippa was borne, please see below the presentation of Oliver. Xantippa has breeding classification B.

Xantippa has very good paces and she is also a good jumper.


The North Swedish. Gelding borne 1999.

E. Mustard U. Gulljänta UE. Uns UUE. Ran

Musse is used for riding and driving. He is good to have when the ring has to be raked. Musse has been a film star in the movie of ARN. Musse is also very good as a teacher for our young stallions when they are separated from their mothers.

Pajazzo af Svenstorp

Swedish Warmblood. Gelding borne 2003.

E. Ragazzo 998 U. Sherry 26360 UE. Democritos 648 UUE. Dawzon 442

Pajazzo is the first of our breeding. We will be using him for dressage competition. Pajazzo is a sensitive horse but he is very kind. Pajazzo has started one LA:3 with 65% and we will continue to train him further.

High Zurprise af Svenstorp

Swedish Warmblood. Mare borne 2004.

E. Robin Z 723 U. High Spiritsxx 26854 UE. Itsabrahmaxx UUE. Sadler´s Wellsxx

High Zurprise is High Spirits first foal. High Zurprise and Miss Quickly were borne at the same night. We where watching Sherry but when we went to the stable this night it was High Spirits who had started to deliver. Four hour's after the borne of High Zurprise Miss Quickly arrived. These two mares have grown up together. High Zurprise is a careful jumper with very good technique and a lot of energy.

Miss Quickly af Svenstorp

Swedish Warmblood. Mare borne 2004.

E. Quite Easy 958 U. Sherry 26360 UE. Democritos 648 UUE. Dawson 442

This is a half-sister of Pajazzo. We think of Quickly as a jumping horse but she has also very good movements. We will educate her in both jumping and dressage. Quickly is a horse with a lot of temperament. The first foal of Miss Quickly's is presented below.

High Feeling

Swedish Warmblood. Mare borne 2005.

E. For Feeling 1069 U. High Spiritsxx 26854 UE. Itsabrahmaxx UUE. Sadler´s Wellsxx

This is a half-sister to High Zurprise. Flisan, as we call her, is a little bit cooler than her half-sister but sometimes she give us a good hint that the energy is there to be used when needed. We have not been riding Flisan yet, but we are working with it. We think of Flisan as a jumping horse and we hope she will grow a little bit more as she is quite small. Hopefully she will be a good jumper in speed classes.

High Sandoz S

Swedish Warmblood. Gelding borne 2007.

E. Sandakan 1078 U. High Spiritsxx 26854 UE. Itsabrahmaxx UUE. Sadler´s Wellsxx

Sandoz is a very noble horse. We think of him as a dressage horse but in the pasture he has showed that he is a talented jumper so the time will have to show what he will became. He is playing with Emsen and Oliver and sometimes it is rather ruff.

High Emmotion S

Swedish Warmblood. Gelding borne 2006.

E. Emmerton 1024 U. High Spiritsxx 26854 UE. Itsabrahmaxx UUE. Sadler´s Wellsxx

Emsen, as we call him, looks as he will became a very nice horse of good size

(now 166 cm). He is quite sensitive but also very kind. He is planned to be a jumping or a three-day eventing horse but time will show what he will be suitable for. As seen on the photo he has a lot of scoope when jumping.

Oliver af Svenstorp

Swedish Warmblood. Gelding borne 2008.

E. Highcruiser 1135 U. Xantippa UE. Donnerfly 951 UUE. Vivaldi 753

Oliver was was borne a cold night in March 2008. He is a robust horse with a curious mind and he is very frank and social. He is the first foal of Xantippa and she was doing a great work as his mother. This horse is to be a dressage horse as he is breeded from very famous dressage horses (Hohenstein 95091, Lauries Crusadorxx, Donnerhall and Vivaldi 753).

High Grace af Svenstorp

Swedish Warmblood. Mare borne 2009.

E. Guido 985 U. High Spiritsxx UE. Itsabrahma UUE. Sadler´s Wellsxx

This little filly was borne in March 18th. She was up on her feet before her mother and she is a very alert little horse, like quicksilver. She started on her first day to train canter around her mother in the box. This horse is breeded for jumping and with her temperament we think she's got what it takes.

Q-Bell af Svenstorp

Swedish Warmblood. Mare borne 2009.

E. Dionysos 1038 U. Miss Quickly UE. Quite Easy 958 UUE. Democritos 648

This little filly was borne in the middle of the day on 25th of April. She has very long legs and due to that she had to try a few times before she was up on her feet. Compared to Grace this little foal was shyer but as we are spending a lot of time with the mare and the new borne foal we knoe that this shyness will disappear.

Fivel af Svenstorp

Swedish Warmblood. Stallion borne 2010.

E. Firenze  U. High Feeling UE. For Feeling UUE. Itsabrahmaxx

High Firefly S

Swedish Warmblood. Mare borne 2010.

E. Firenze  U. High Spiritsxx UE. Itsabramaxx UUE. Sadler´s Wellsxx